10 tips for better administration, what can you exactly do to be more efficient?

Every entrepreneur is obliged to keep records. This is the main reason why you need to hire a good boekhouder. You then have to keep this administration for years, so that the Tax Authorities can view it if they want to. For many entrepreneurs, however, accounting is a recurring headache file. We therefore give you the 3 best tips to keep your administration organized and efficiently!  We would like to advice you to check out all the different bookkeepers like boekhouder Eindhoven and boekhouder Amsterdam.

1. Plan fixed moments in your agenda

As an entrepreneur you probably have a busy schedule. In addition, you prefer to do the business yourself rather than updating your administration. However, having a business also involves deadlines. Consider, for example, deadlines for:

VAT returns that must be submitted monthly or quarterly

  • Transfer the salary of your staff
    Submitting your income tax return (s)
    Depositing your annual statement

Try to avoid stress around the deadlines by, for example, scheduling an hour every week to update your administration. This way you avoid having to reserve a whole day for your accounting at the end of the month or the quarter. Set the deadlines in a schedule and try to work towards these deadlines in small sessions every week.

2. Sort all mail

Nobody wants to start accounting when all the documents are criss-crossed or not even complete. Nothing is more annoying than searching for lost invoices or mail. Try to learn a fixed method for opening and organizing your incoming mail. For example, sort all purchase invoices into a folder. As soon as you have paid them, put them in a different folder, in order of supplier and date. This way you keep an overview of which invoices you still have to pay and you will prevent losing your invoices.

3 Avoid extra costs by postponing

Postponing administrative matters costs you money. Because if you do not issue quotes, you will not receive new customers. If you do not send reminders, you have to wait longer for your money. In addition, late filing of your tax returns may result in you being fined and subject to additional tax interest. Try to prevent these extra costs by updating your business in time. It saves you indirect money immediately!

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