Companies 2.0: the case

The slogan Powered by service for is a real business philosophy. The American company leader in the online sale of footwear, clothing and accessories, has, in fact, recently inaugurated “Zappos Insights”, a B2B payment site in which it makes its knowledge available to other companies, creating a real ” Experience Syndication “, as Joshua-Michéle […]

Mandarina Duck “suspends” her blog

With the poetic post “Migrations” Mandarina Duck announces the “suspension” of its corporate blog The Duck Side, one of the first in Italy, opened two years ago. Rossana aka Duky, who has taken care of him over the years, leaves, stating “We are working on a series of new communication projects, of which I cannot […]

At the school of Wikipedia, the (post) modern encyclopedia

The most famous encyclopedia is certainly “The Encyclopedia or Reasoned Dictionary of Sciences, Arts and Crafts” composed by d’Alembert and Diderot in the second half of the 1700s. It is, in fact, the symbol of a grandiose project aimed at summarizing the whole culture in a single place that can be consulted by all, being […]

Social network and personal data protection

The “Social network: attention not to fall into the net” convention, organized at the Catholic University of Milan, was held on Wednesday, January 28th on the European Day dedicated to the Protection of Personal Data. In front of a large and crowded audience (including Anna Masera de La Stampa) five experts said their opinion on […]

Lancia communicates with the network and presents the New Delta in preview

Yesterday in Turin the meeting was held between Lancia managers belonging to different areas of the company and a well-fed group of forumists and car bloggers and, in particular, connoisseurs of the historic brand. The day was full of content. The meeting began at Mirafiori with the illustration of the program and the presentation of […]