Audio-Technica Ath-M50x Vs Sony MDR 7506 – Headphones

One of my destinations on my visit to Japan was to test a few headphones and by chance the air terminal had a not too bad determination from Sony and Audio Technica. Sadly they didn’t have the M70x or MDR1a, however had the ATH SR5, MSR7 and new SR9! I was reluctant to attempt the $449 SR9 and honestly they showed improvement over the MSR7, however felt like they required an amp to draw out its maximum capacity. The MSR7 was my primary tryout and subsequent to inspecting tracks for 15 minutes bought a couple. Genuine, Amazon sells them at a similar cost, however I felt it bodes well to help the air terminal stores so they keep stocking cool stuff to look at on future delays.
Speakers: 45mm shut back drivers
Affectability: 100db/mW
Recurrence: 5 – 40,000 Hz
Max Input Power: 2,000 mW
Impedance: 35 ohms
Weight (w/o link): 290g
It has comparative specs to the ATH M50x with simply more prominent recurrence range and information power limit.
The Good
These are a commendable contender and correlative to its cousin the ATH M50x. They have a similar size 45mm drivers, however in a progressively minimized size making them simpler to carry around while voyaging. In a tranquil zone the more prominent recurrence run truly has any kind of effect and the soundstage is stunning.

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