Companies 2.0: the case

The slogan Powered by service for is a real business philosophy.

The American company leader in the online sale of footwear, clothing and accessories, has, in fact, recently inaugurated “Zappos Insights”, a B2B payment site in which it makes its knowledge available to other companies, creating a real ” Experience Syndication “, as Joshua-Michéle Ross points out.

Let’s do a little flashback. was founded in 1999 in San Francisco and established itself within a few years thanks to the choice of making the sending and changing of the goods free within one year of purchase, in line with its core value deliver WOW trough service.


Step by step, like the move to Las Vegas to strengthen the call center, the company has gradually expanded the concept of offering its customers a unique experience.

One of the best known initiatives was to open a “channel” on Twitter where customers can receive an online support service and at the same time have a direct line to employees, currently 435, and with the same CEO Tony Hsieh. The choice produced a truly remarkable volume of conversations, as can be seen through this chart which compares the number of tweets on and on three of its main competitors (see, 14 January 2009).

This strategy also resulted in the opening of a series of blogs in which employees tell their behind-the-scenes work and a Zappos TV on Youtube.

With the opening of “Zappos Insights” the company places itself on another level: making its knowledge available is also equivalent to affirming its status as an innovative company.

The case is striking for the extreme lucidity with which the core values ​​were followed in the expansion of online communication but also the awareness with which the different instruments were used. Given the uncertain forecasts for 2009, we are curious to know what will be the Zappos 2.0 recipe for riding the crisis.

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