Is the Industry Crying Wolf… again?


Mobile Gambling has been the next big thing for a few years. And yet for one reason or another it has never quite happened. So is it any different now? It must be, we have just had a mobile gaming SUMMIT!

Firstly I have to admit to being just old enough to remember when the word “summit” meant Reagan and Gorbachev striding towards each other across a tightly cropped lawn, the whirring blades of a giant helicopter in the background. Summits have a gravitas which, without wishing to cause any offence, the mGaming “Summit” lacked. Yes, I know what you’re thinking if it had gravitas the author of this would not have been allowed anywhere near it.

Right, I have slagged it off enough and I do not want to give the mistaken impression that it was a waste of time or not worth staging, so here are some facts:


The Keynote speech by Dr Windsor Holden and the follow up from Darren Mark Noyce gave some interesting figures and insight into the mobile landscape, how mobile devices are used and also talking about the perceptions from the point of view of the user, such as trust.

I followed Track 2 to begin with which discussed Products and Services “What do high tech mGambling consumers really value in the experience?”. Darren Pollard chaired the panel which also included Enric Sole’ from IMSC and Ross Sleight from Somo. This discussion was very interesting particularly in profiling the average mGambling consumer and touching on some key areas of marketing.

Ross Sleight was impressively knowledgeable and informative, giving 3 primary reasons consumers use mobile devices: a) to execute a task (such as a Google search) b) through a sense of urgency c) reasons of boredom. He also stressed that the mobile is not to be treated as an addition to a desktop presence, as it perhaps historically was, but must be seen as a “primary access point” for customer acquisition.

The panel also gave greater insight into who uses a mobile phone or tablet and where – 80% of TV viewers, for example, have a mobile phone next to them whilst they watch and the tablet is really for “deeper consumption of content”.

Enric Sole’ spoke of the Bettymovil SMS sports betting which is a wonder-product for less developed markets such as Africa and South America. Whether this was the right audience for him I don’t know but his view of a different type of market and the simplicity and immediacy of the product can teach the whole industry some important lesson regarding communication with mobile users. All in all, the panel and the chair did a great job.


The Track 1 presentation from Jean-Luc Cornish (Somo) really followed on from things I had heard earlier. CRM needs to be mobile specific, the mobile consumer is likely to be engaged by some other media at the same time and, importantly, SEO for mobiles should reflect shorter search entries by users.

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