Lancia communicates with the network and presents the New Delta in preview

Yesterday in Turin the meeting was held between Lancia managers belonging to different areas of the company and a well-fed group of forumists and car bloggers and, in particular, connoisseurs of the historic brand.

The day was full of content. The meeting began at Mirafiori with the illustration of the program and the presentation of the group’s communication activities made by Lancia Communications Director Maurizio Spagnulo and Delta Product Manager Juri De Rochi.



After the ritual buffet, with the minibus (in the photo) made available by the hosts, the already close-knit group moved to visit the Lancia dealer in Corso Marche to view the new concept of the automaker’s sales points.

The last stop was the Style Center where designers and creatives develop the group’s car projects.

In this place, super-guarded like Alcatraz but with the internal aspect of the MoMa in New York, the cheerful handpiece has met and dialogued (to no end …) with those who develop all aspects of car design in person: the designer Marco Tencone (who designed the New Delta), the manager of Fiat Powertrain, the Magneti Marelli Manager.

After a brief presentation the most desired moment arrived: the mink and the contact with the New Delta. Those present scoured the car down to the smallest details and pleasantly drowned the technical managers present.

The meeting ended with the revelation of the prices (in world preview!) To those present by the Italian Marketing Director Carlo Melloni: the “infiltrator” journalist of Quattroruote did not miss the tasty opportunity.

Considering that, having organized the appointment in first person, the risk of not being considered very objective I report the impression of the present Enrico who, in my opinion, makes very well the idea of ​​the climate of the day:

What struck me most of all was the predisposition of the Lancia executives, perfectly in tune with the event. They were willing to talk and even deal with thorny questions without ever hiding behind the corporate babble. I believe that this attitude (which in other areas of business is still not present) has encouraged the conversation and I believe that Lancia has drawn some interesting feedback.

Allow me to add a thank you to all the very prepared and always attentive participants and see you at the next dates!

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