Mandarina Duck “suspends” her blog

With the poetic post “Migrations” Mandarina Duck announces the “suspension” of its corporate blog The Duck Side, one of the first in Italy, opened two years ago.

Rossana aka Duky, who has taken care of him over the years, leaves, stating “We are working on a series of new communication projects, of which I cannot anticipate anything, so we decided to suspend, at least for the moment, Duck Side.
It is a time when you need a lot of energy and, as they say, “they need me” … ”


The motivation is frankly a bit weak, both because they are other employees qualified to write, and because the work on new projects could have been helped by blogging: for example, why not anticipate some ideas to the readers and involve them in the design?

Given the low number of comments and subscribers to the RSS feed of the blog (always under 100 subscribers) it is difficult not to think that the blog is suspended because it is no longer judged useful for the activity of
company communication.

We are very sorry and we hope that these considerations of ours can help the company get back on its feet as soon as possible.

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