The Ultimate Checklist When Booking A Wedding Venue

The Ultimate Checklist When Booking A Wedding Venue


You’re engaged to be wed and have started the objective of preparing your wedding event day celebrations! As part of our weekly Wedding Planning Series, we’re sharing a list of what to look for, what to spending plan for and what to ask when browsing for your wedding event place


Picking your wedding venue is among the very first huge choices you’ll make in the wedding event preparation procedure, and there is a great deal of choice. From choosing a design and type of place, area and after that going to view them. The venue is the foundation for your day and likewise, among the greatest expenses, our printable checklists consist of crucial questions to ask wedding venues, consisting of concerns about your contract and reservation.



Beyond those standard concerns, there are a lot of little and huge concerns that require to be straightened out with your possible venue. This list is created to provide you with a broad introduction of the kinds of things you need to ask in order to reduce any surprises later down the line. Some will apply to you, others might not, so you can simply avoid them when you’re chatting with the place.


Below are the questions you require to ask when reserving the perfect wedding place like Boutique Events Group.


General Questions

  • Is the location available on the date you require it?
  • The number of visitors can the banquet space accommodate?
  • What are their wedding bundles and what is consisted of?
  • What other events are going on at the venue on the exact same day?
  • Exists another occasion set up for your room at various time during the very same day?
  • How long are you able to have space?



Event Specifics

  • What is the venue’s capability?
  • Do you have your own noise devices and speakers, or will those require to be rented or supplied by the home entertainment?
  • What is the backup plan for rain or inclement weather condition?
  • Which rooms are certified for ceremonies?
  • Is the event to occur in the very same room as the reception?
  • What is the changeover plan for converting from event to reception?
  • Are there any alternative (or outside) areas for non-legal events?
  • Are we enabled to have confetti?


Food and wine

  • Is there a complimentary menu tasting and white wine tasting included? How many people can go to? Can your parents occu?
  • Is there an arrival beverage included?
  • Exists white wine included at dinner? How much per visitor?
  • Will tea and coffee be supplied prior to the ceremony?
  • Is there a glass of prosecco/champagne included for a toast?


Accommodation Availability

  • Do you use the choice of a marquee?
  • Are there different spaces provided for the wedding event, reception, meal, night reception, etc?
  • If rooms are readily available for overnight accommodation, how many?
  • What are the costs of overnight lodging?
  • Is breakfast consisted of?
  • What is the checkout time the following day?


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