Top hair transplant clinic in singapore | – Know All About Your Options

The popularity of the top hair transplant clinic in singapore | has made many people to come up with better ideas to increase popularity. The advancement in technology has brought an increased demand for new and improved procedures for hair restoration in addition to transplants. But it has become important to look for the right hair transplant surgeon in Singapore. This is because of the existing variations that are available out there in the market.

Top hair transplant clinic in singapore | – Cost of Hair Transplants

Before, the hair restoration surgery was only done with the aid of the scalp ablation method. This method makes use of a small electric current from an Ionic stream for the purpose of destroying the hair follicles with little damage to the surrounding tissues. It is considered to be safe as it does not have any known side effects and produces very less amount of pain. But it is not effective as a hair transplant surgery as the number of hair follicles is reduced significantly.

A permanent method of removal of foreign hair follicles is the Intense Pulsed Light procedure. It also causes a lot of hair loss but the results are permanent and can produce very fine hair. This is more suitable for women as it helps them to grow fine hair rather than thick hair.

The next hair restoration surgery that is worth looking into is the Aesthetic Method. This type of surgery is very effective in producing a natural look to the hair. It is also a much faster way of hair transplanting.

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